Friday, 12 December 2008

Stay beautiful

I tried to post my other weekend pictures, but since Blogger is being a bitch and doesn't want to load them properly, it seems like I'll have to try again later. I don't want to leave you like this, though, and that's why I decided to post some great videos.

I'm a loyal Manic Street Preachers fan and last week I had one of thoese moments when I look back to their time with Richey Edwards, before he disappeared. It always strikes me how much love their seems to be between Richey and Nicky Wire, the videos speak for themselves. That's why I think it's not very surprising how Nicky is still really caught up in Richey's disappearance - I mean, he still writes a lot of songs about Richey, he often dedicates songs to him at concerts.. It's really beautiful.

Here's some of the best Glamour Twins moments

And this is way adorable

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