Saturday, 26 June 2010

You see colours

I finished what are hopefully my last exams ever a couple of days ago. Haven't got all of my results yet, but I think I did quite well. What I do already know is that I've got a fine result for my master paper, yeey!
A few days before my last exam, I went for drinks in Brussels with Elke. Long-time readers might've noticed that Elke, who used to be one of the main characters in my 'stories' , has been out of the picture for quite a while. As a matter of fact, our friendship has gone through a tough time for a while. Things started to go wrong at the beginning of last year, during summer time we found the courage to talk again for the first time, a couple of months later we went for a friendly but rather uncomfortable drink. To be honest, I was a bit worried we could never go back anymore to what we once had. We both wanted to make it feel good again, but it was just plain awkward.
Strangely enough, not seeing each other for another couple of months seemed to change everything. When we met up again last week, I didn't feel any pressure at all. I just wanted to see her and have a good time with her. And this time, it actually worked out the way we wanted it to, probably because just because we didn't try as hard as last time. We've planned to spend a lot of time together this summer, and that prospect makes me as happy as a little child going to Disneyland. I'm so glad I didn't give up on this friendship just yet.

You and me, we're gonna be fine

My dad found this little sweetheart in our garage!

Everything counts in large amounts

Tonight is the big night for Stethoscope Stewards, as me and Bart will be dj'ing at Twisted Melon in Leuven, alongside Bent Van Looy (Das Pop) and Stijn Van De Voorde (StuBru). But a couple of weeks ago, we had a great time spinning tunes all night long for the great audience at the Beurskafee in Brussels. We played before, in between and after the gigs (TV Buddhas and Harlem) and fucking loved it. We were quite lucky though, as the weather was amazing and the Beurskafee has this beautiful terrace where all sane people would love to spend hours and hours. It was a lovely night and whilst dj'ing, I managed to take a few pictures..

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010

Most played (21)

1. Future Islands - Tin Man

2. The Divine Comedy - I Like (live)

3. Nada Surf - Love And Anger (Kate Bush cover)

4. Everything Everything - My KZ, ur BF

5. Marit Larsen - Under The Surface (live)

Friday, 11 June 2010


Not even two weeks after the joy of Roland Garros (although it wasn't my favourite RG, to be honest - Federer and Henin out way too early, and two pretty boring finals), there is more pleasure on tv for the sports fan. The football World Cup in South Africa has been kicked off about an hour ago. Since Belgium didn't make it to the tournament, I'm supporting Germany (like I always do) and England (especially for the mister!). When it comes down to winning the cup, my bets are on Spain, though. Who are you supporting and who do you think is going to win?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

He's wondering only what you do today

A couple of days after handing in my master paper and right after doing a presentation on Twitter (in front of a jury consisting of people from the Flemish public broadcaster), I took the Thalys to Paris to meet my boyfriend there. He was doing a cycling trip from Italy back to the UK, but was staying at the friend's place in Paris for a part of his trip. The timing couldn't have been better for me: post-paper and post-presentation, but pre-exams with plenty of time left to study. Alan's offer to spend a couple of days with him in Paris was more than welcome: I was longing to see him again (I'm pretty good at the long-distance thingy, but wouldn't go as far to it's easy), liked the idea of going back to Paris and to be honest, I needed a holiday after being locked in my room for such a long time because of that paper.

After the longest Thalys ride ever (it left half an hour late to begin with, and had to stop for at least another hour because of 'a small technical problem' that turned out to be 'slightly more serious than we initially thought' - fortunately I love having dinner on trains) I finally arrived in Paris, where Alan, Adam (the friend that was hosting the both of us, he's a lawyer who is temporarily based in France) and Flora (another friend of Alan's who works as an au-pair in Paris) were waiting for me. Alan and Adam hadn't had dinner yet, so we went to a restaurant where Flora and I decided to have dinner for the second time that night.

While Adam was working during daytime, Alan and I spent the next three days lying in parcs (getting awfully sunburnt - the weather was amazing, which I hadn't forseen, hence my lack of sun lotion - auch!), eating wonderful food, cycling on vélops, going to a flee market with Flora, eating not so wonderful food (at a place where they translated croque monsieurs as 'crunch-misters') but also more wonderful food, and walking around the city. On our last night, Adam took us to Jewish wine bar, which turned out to be the coolest place ever. It looked a bit like my beloved Make Up Club in Ghent (on a side note: Make Up Club is closing down in half a year, nooo!), but smaller, warmer and with Jewish music playing, haha!

Me & Alan trying our best MySpace shot

Alan getting ready to cycle out of Paris

I almost missed my Thalys back - Alan and I were planning on cycling to the station, but we wasted too much time and he noticed I could probably better take public transport in order not to miss my train. We said goodbye and I hurried to the metro station. My metro ticket didn't work so I had to buy a new one, which I couldn't do in the part of the underground I was in, so I had to find the other entrance, buy a new ticket (after begging the people in the queue to let me go first), find out which metro stop I had to go to (it would be so much simpler if they'd just call it Garde du Nord as well), get on the metro, watch the time every second, walk for almost 15mins from the metro bit of the ENORMOUS station to the part with the trains, and get there 5mins before departure - phieuw! When I finally got there, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Alan, who had made his way through the busy traffic on his bike to wave me out. That was such a lovely suprise after all the stressing!

Saying goodbye was really sad, but fortunately I got to see him again only three days later. The next part of his cycling trip brought him to Belgium and more specifically my hometown Grimbergen. He only stayed for one night, but I was happy to have him with me. We went out for dinner with my parents (both my parents and Alan were pretty nervous, hehe) before my dad dropped the two of us off in Brussels. We went to the Mort Subite, a bar famous for its beers, but Alan started to feel really ill. I drank both our beers ad fundum (the people next to us looked at me as if I, nothing too positive, anyway) and we went back home. Except for a sore troath, Alan felt better the day after. After watching some tennis, he had to leave. I was planning on joining him on part of his trip that day, but had to go back as someone had to pick something up at my place and I was the only person around. Saying goodbye was the horror, knowing our next meet (in London, after my exams) would only be 5 weeks later. :( Only 24 days left now, though!

Eurovision 2010

Long-time readers might remember how much I love Eurovision, sometimes because it can be so awfully bad that it becomes amusing again, sometimes because it features some suprisingly good songs among the many rubbish ones. I thought this year's winner wasn't very convincing with her fake British accent and rather boring song - I mean, they call her the German Kate Nash, but every single Kate Nash song is at least three times as catchy. These were my personal favourites of the latest edition:

Georgia: Sopho Nizharadze - Shine
Excellent singer, classic but beautiful song.

Romania: Paula Seling & Ovi - Playing with Fire
Catchy, I like the act with the piano and especially love the female singer's voice.

Ireland: Niamh Kavanagh - It's For you
Very traditional, but quality song. Again, really good singer.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Vukasin Brajic - Thunder and Lightning
B-H sends excellent songs to Eurovision almost every year. Eastern-European rock pur sang, quite bombastic but I like it.

Iceland: Hera Björk - Je ne Sais Quoi
Not at all the kind of genre I usually listen to, but she's a terrific singer and this song was stuck in my head for three days at least.

Denmark: Chanée & N'evergreen - In a Moment Like This
Biggest rip-off I've heard in a while ("Every Breath You Take", "The Winner Takes It All", "Simply The Best" and some Shania Twain song combined in one 'new' song), but the result is pretty good. And that guy is a sort of hot.

Belgium: Tom Dice - Me & My Guitar
And yes...I actually liked Belgium's entree this year! Tom Dice was an X Factor finalist in Belgium, which probably doesn't make it very cool to like him, but I think he's got a special voice and his song turned out pretty nice as well.
Oh, and if you haven't seen it: don't forget to check the Moldova entree. It's one of the worst songs of this year's contest, but I thought the bit with the sax player (great moves, haha) was extremely funny!