Friday, 26 February 2010

So now you're leaving? I'm not that impressed

I like looking at random pictures and drawings on the Internet. Whilst doing that, I stumbled upon a fascinating artist called Dmitry Maximov. He's a young Russian photographer and graphic designer who's done a lot of really cool things in his still short carreer. My favourite pieces by him, however, are his two-dimensional images that combine illustration and photographic techniques. The results are micro worlds populated by special, super-cute creatures that live in magical landscapes characterised by human emotions like loneliness, wonder and sadness. Here are some examples - enjoy! (definitely check out more of these pictures by Maximov, they are all over the internet)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Most played (19)

1. Fanfarlo - Harold T. Wilkins or How To Wait For A Very Long Time

2. Sivert Hoyem - Moon Landing

3. Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

4. Laura Jansen - The End (live)

5. The xx - Islands (live)

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Wear your wounds with pride

Tonight is the night for a new edition of Hindu Nights! Sounds like the right time to post the pictures of the latest edition on a secret location which turned out to be the Backdoor. Another great night with (a loto of) my favourite people in the world. (most pictures by me and Melanie)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The Vatican's official newspaper Osservatore Romano released a list of the pope's 10 favourite rock albums, and I just had to share it with you. Can't believe Oasis is on the list! :)

1."Revolver" - The Beatles
2."If I could only remember my name" - David Crosby
3."The dark side of the moon" - Pink Floyd
4."Rumours" - Fleetwood Mac
5."The nightfly" - Donald Fagen
6."Thriller" - Michael Jackson
7."Graceland" - Paul Simon
8."Achtung baby" - U2
9."(What's the story) Morning glory" - Oasis
10."Supernatural" - Carlos Santana

Monday, 15 February 2010

Christmas TV (London 5-6)

It's okay that I pray that you will miss your flight
And have to stay with me another night (Slow Club)

As I was leaving London on Saturday around noon, I wanted to make the most out of my Friday. In the morning I made use of another one of Alan's tips, which was the John Soane museum. Soane was this architecture spending his money on a fantastic collection of art from all ages - Egyptian, Roman, medieval, absolutely everything. The location of the museum is the house the man used to live in, so you can imagine it's absolutely one of a kind. And not too overcrowded with tourists so far!

In the afternoon I met up with Alan in Berwick Street to do some cd shopping. Alan showed me some great second hand shops and we both ended up buying heaps of cd's for very little money. Afterwards, we went for a drink with a friend of Alan's. When his friend had to leave, Alan and I went to some more record shops and for another drink. We decided to 'race' back home - I would take the tube and do the rest of the road by foot, he would do the entire trip on his bicycle. Despite my cursing when I had to wait for a tube for 6 minutes (since when does anyone have to wait 6 fucking minutes for a tube in London??) and my pretty impressive sprint on high heels, Alan beat me with 4 minutes.

When I managed to start breathing normally again, Alan, Christina and I discussed wether to go to the Garage (Islington) or not. The Rifles were supposed to play an acoustic gig, but they cancelled and we weren't particularly excited about seeing The Twang or any of the new bands that were on. On the other hand, Rob was djing, which should've been pretty good. Christina seemed to be quite fond of going, until she suddenly got really tired. Eventually, she fell asleep. Alan and I left the room quietly, enjoyed some spirits in the kitchen, and then withdrew to his room. Alan works for the Guardian, which leaves him with heaps of double cd copies, and he invited me to pick out some albums for myself. We were laying on his bed, listening to music (including a selfmade christmas cd - I can't believe someone else shares my love for christmas songs!) for hours and hours and hours, and getting all cuddly.

The next day I had to leave around noon. Christina prepared us a fantastic brunch, but then it was time to say goodbye. Of course I got all teary-eyed when I hugged Christina, Nikos and Alex, but it got even worse when Alan walked me to the tube station and the tears started flowing heavily. It took us at least 15 minutes to say goodbye and I almost missed my Eurostar, but in the end, I was on my way back to Belgium. I felt sort of lost back here, but I'm going back to London soon (well, soonish, as uni prevents me from leaving before the start of the Easter holidays) and I'm quite excited already!

Alex's farm


Alan and one of the beer glasses he ordered for his new "bar", covered in stickers
me, covered in stickers as well

and again

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Here I lie far from close enough to you (London 3-4)

Wednesday morning I took the bus to Camden. I had a fantastic banana milkshake in a place called Inhabition. I'd read about it on that 'Secret London' Facebook group (yes, it's not that secret anymore, really) and I can only agree with their enthusiasm. After finishing my drink and having a chat with the lovely woman who worked there, I walked around the stables market and took some pictures.

In the afternoon I took up Alan's advice to go to the National Portrait Gallery near Leicester Square. I don't really know why I hadn't been there before, as it is a great collection of 18/19/20th century paintings and modern photography. Quite touristy, of course, but worth the visit anyway!

Back home I found Alex and Alan cleaning up their living room, transforming their closet in a bar (right side of the closet) and a eh, farm for Alex (left side), consisting of a plastic horse and a stone duck. Alex prepared us some delicious pasta, but had to leave shortly after. I stayed in with Alan, who introduced me to his favourite blogger Momus (who sadly quit blogging earlier this week) and Momus's music and lyrics. I usually tend to go out quite a lot when I'm London, but I must say I've really enjoyed my cosy nights in with Alan. Shortly after midnight, we were joined by Christina, an Austrian girl who'd be my fellow couch surfer from that night on. She turned out to be a very nice girl with a delightful sense of humour.

The day after, I met up with Rob. After doing some shopping on Oxford Street, I told Rob I wanted to look for a toy animal. Rob was quite surprised, but after telling him about Alex's farm, he was happy to help me find a suiting addition to the farm. We went to a children's shop and found a lovely cow. Afterwards, Rob and I went for a drink or two, three before I returned home. Alex was pleasantly surprised when he received the cow.

When everyone was back home (me, Alex, Alan, Nikos and his girlfriend Abi; only Christina was away, she was attending a couch surfing 'drawing' event), we took off for a pub quiz. I was quite excited as Alan had taught me everything one should know about British pubs, including the tradition of the pub quiz. I'd never been to one before, so this was my chance! Unfortunately, the quiz was cancelled, so we ended up just having drinks for a while. Alan had to go to work that night, Nikos and Abi went to their room, and Alex, Christina (who got back by then) and I watched Curb Your Enthusiasm and chatted about Belgian and Austrian music for hours and hours.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

But there is someone I'd like to see, she never mentions a word to me (Liverpool 1-2)

I woke up early to catch my coach to Liverpool at Victoria Station. It was a 5h30 drive, which could've been rather boring, but turned out to be not that bad after all. I had my iPod, my book and the company of two lovely South-American girls that were sitting next to me. I'm also really fond of the break in the middle of the trip that gives you the opportunity to spend all of your money on snacks in one of those road shops. Hm, chocolate croissants. :)

Once in Liverpool, I went looking for my hostel, got myself installed and then took off again. I spent the rest of the day walking around through the city centre and the Cavern Quarter, where I of course visited the legendary Cavern Club. By coincidence, I walked in when this Australian edition of John Lennon, Marcus Cahill got on stage. I heard him sing, got myself a drink, sat down and stayed there for two hours. I'm usually not really a fan of cover acts, but this guy was absolutely amazing. He looked liked John (incl. the nose) but he even more sounded like him. After the show I got introduced to him by a local and we had a nice chat. Afterwards, the local guy took me to another Beatles related bar that didn't make it to the tourist guide.

The plan for the evening was meeting up with my very long-term internet friend Liam, but that plan sadly got cancelled last-minute. Instead, I went back to the hostel, had a chat with my roommates (two Spanish girls) and then went to sleep rather early.

After breakfast I immediately walked to the Albert Dock. First up was a visit to the Beatles museum, which I absolutely adored. The shop at the end of the visit was just as great. I liked the fact that so many schools with 8-year-old kids were visiting the museum as well, I don't think that could ever have happened in my old school or in any Belgian school, really. The next museum on my list was Tate Liverpool, where I mostly enjoyed the DLA Piper Series (sculptures). Then it was time to catch my coach back to London, where I'd spend the rest of my trip.

China Town Liverpool

one of the many Beatles shops

Cavern Pub

John & I

Cavern Club



Albert Dock

Virgin offices

Beatles museum