Saturday, 6 December 2008

Because nothingness is nice

It seems like my life is all about university deadlines this month. Bad timing, since there's so much to do. For instance, the Cocktail party at the VUB campus in Jette.

The evening didn't exactly kick off well. When I got off the bus and walked to Karolien's place, I saw some guy in a blue training suit running really fast towards me. I thought he was going to rob me or something, but all he did was pushing me so hard that I fell right in the muddy grass field I was walking next to. I'm glad he wasn't robbing me, but still...freak. So far for dressing up - at that moment my look could've best been described as eh, soily. Luckily it's easy to clean up liquid leggings.

Things fortunately started to get better afterwards. After giving my approval to Stef's (Karolien's boyfriend) iTunes content, we headed off to Jan's place for Evelyne's birthday party. A bit of amaretto mixed with gin was enough to bring Karolien into higher spirits, which led to hilarious situations. Bless her.

Around midnight we went to the actual Cocktail party. The music and the sound quality pretty much sucked, but I was in good company - enough for another fun night.

toilet drama - we thought a girl had passed out, but turned out she was only sleeping

hot guy, but nobody seemed to know him


  1. What an idiot that guy sounds; hope you're alright now.

  2. I'm all well, thank you. I didn't get harmed except for some bruised fingers. He ís an idiot, though.

  3. I'm glad to hear that you're okay. It looks like you managed to have a good time afterwards anyway.

  4. I could hardly believe it when I read about it, such a jerk that man. I hope it was the first and last time! Nevertheless it looks like you had a good time, and again, your hair looks lovely!

  5. Jordan - Oh yes, that's usually not too much of a problem for me. :D

    Pienovksi - I hope so too! Thank you!