Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hold Fast

picture by Chris Gray

We're thick as thieves, you know

Did anyone go to see The Libertines at Reading or Leeds festivals, or one of the gigs earlier that week? I still can't believe I didn't (it's just that I can't really afford to buy festival tickets now I'll soon have to face the terrifying renting prices in London), especially after seeing these vids. The band seems on good form, the setlist is amazing, the chemistry is still there and the crowd is going wild - aaaah!

The Delaney

Carl & Pete getting all cuddly & kissy (I'm still a sucker for this)

Music When The Lights Go Out

What Became Of The Likely Lads

Saturday, 28 August 2010

(3 days of) Stockholm

Does it feel better than love?

Here are some pictures of one of my last trips to London about a month ago.

Pics 1-6: Once again, I had a blast. I waited too long to book cheap Eurostar tickets, so I came over by bus instead. The 7.5 hour trip turned into a 10 hour trip after the bus got stuck in Calais, so Alan was already off to work when I eventually arrived. Thom and Alex were home, we had some pizza and then went to Yacht Rock at the Social, a club night entirely dedicated to the yacht rock genre (Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Journey...). I don't think it'd ever be possible to have a similar night in Belgium. Honestly - one of the best parties I've ever been to.
Pics 7-9: These were taken in the V&A museum, where I went to check out the temporary architecture exhibition that was running. Young architects were challenged to present their idea of what "a space" could and/or should look like. These were two of my favourites.
Pics 10-11: Elise and Emma were on a citytrip in London and of course we had to meet up. During day time we went for a drink and some shopping, we got back together in the evening (joined by Alan) for some good times in the Lock Tavern.
Pic 12: Alan and his special iPhone skills on the terras of a pub in Cambridge.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Most played (23)

1. Tired Pony - I am a landslide

2. Mark Olson - Little bird of freedom

3. The Drums - Forever and ever amen

4. The Young Veins - Change

5. Kylie Minogue - All the lovers

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I'm a landslide, don't you know?

Things are getting so exciting. If everything goes as planned I'm moving to London in less than a month (6th of September). Charlotte, a girl I met whilst partying in the Make Up Club in Ghent, will be joining me. I'm looking for a job, she will be studying English for a year before trying to get into fashion school. I'm going to Stockholm tomorrow, but very short after that we're both going to London to do some house hunting, as time is running out. It's weird - I've been thinking about moving to London for such a long time, but it always felt like something that was still ages away. And now it's finally happening.

I do think the timing is right, though. I've been saving up some money so I don't have to start stressing immediately if I don't find a job right away. I've met loads of lovely friends in London during the last three years, so I don't have to worry about feeling lonely. I've found a sweet flatmate (Charlotte). I've got a wonderful boyfriend in London - we've been together for 6 months now and I'm thrilled that we won't be living 200 miles apart anymore. I feel ready to do something different from what I've been doing so far. And I know things won't always be easy and at times I'll probably wish I'd never left, but I really, really want to do this. Now.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Italy part 4

12/07, 13/07