Saturday, 13 December 2008

Don't be shy

take #5485544175 of trying to post this

(weekend catch-up part II)

The reason why I had to leave early from Wolf Parade was because I still had to go all the way to Ghent for - surprise, surprise - more Make-Up Club goodness with Gerlin and Hermine from
Neon Enlightenment.

The party of the night was Vanishing Point, an electrorock event with a great line-up (Steve from Soulwax, Jester aka Goose, Wallace Vanborn). I don't know how they do it, but organisers Peter and Murat never fail to create the best parties - at least not when I'm around.

Downstairs people danced away through the night with loads of glowsticks in their hands, hair and anywhere else.
Upstairs there was the Toilet Disco, a mini-party soundtracked by Peters iPod (which means Oasis! Libertines! Stone Roses!). Shots of vodka and other spirits were sold in favour of the Music for Life action. Libertines and spirits - you can imagine it was pretty hard to drag me away from that bathroom!

Wallace Vanborn

top chicks Gerlin and Hermine

One Man Party (Steve) glowsticks!


and back downstairs...
Anton Coene from Wannabes

bloke with a pretty cool move, or so it seems

Murat going dj

Enough of my pictures, now it's time to get completely blown away by some real photography by the Make-Up's home photographers.

Wallace Vanborn


the master of glowsticks... ...after me, that is!
Lenny and Eloise

toilet disco!
Murat and Peter - best party organisers around!