Friday, 19 December 2008

The Christmas Experience 1

Hi everyone, it's been a few days since you've heard from me, so sorry for that. Today I had my last course of this semester and even though that means I'll have to start studying for my exams, I'm quite happy that it's over and that I'm finally done with all those assignments. The last few weeks have been a lethal mix of working really hard during the days and partying at night, so now I'm feeling pretty messed up. I'm not really ill, just very exhausted. Some rest will do me well. But don't worry, I've got plenty of pictures to post from the last two weeks!

To start with, I've got loads of material taken on Christmas markets. Call me corny or whatever, I just really really like Christmas. :)

9/12: X-mas market Brussels with Elke, Karolien, Stef, more Pharmacy students (the pictures are partly mine, partly Karolien's). A short but fun night that included taking balloons from the Pizza Hut, drinking 1 euro beer in the Celtica and most of all enjoying the lovely atmosphere!

we bumped into Leehana

14/12: the small Christmas market in my hometown Grimbergen.

18/12: day out with my parents and my sister to Aken (Germany) where they have the cosiest Christmas market ever with people selling the most beautiful handcrafted items and the most delicious local food (and drinks, eh). Excellent place to do some Christmas shopping!!


  1. So nice to have you back! Missed your stories!

    I would love to have that dessert with cherries! What is it exactly... And this chocolaty one looks quite yummy too...

    The pictures of the markets are lovely! It looks cold though, especially the ones taken at night. I hope you had loads of clothes on!

  2. It's a kind of cake with a vanilla sauce and cherries on it, very yummy indeed!

    It was cold but bearable, I guess the many people there kept each other warm. :)