Thursday, 31 July 2008

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

19/07 and 27/07: Gentse feesten

The 'Gentse feesten' are yearly organised festivities in Ghent, covering 10 days of all kinds of events. They attract thousands of party people from in and out of the country. Good music or quality performances of any kind aren't exactly a reason why you should come to the Gentse feesten (in my opinion). It's rather a nice opportunity to hang out with your friends, have some cocktails and have a good time at the water side or in one of the many parcs.

This year I spent two nights down there.

The first time was the first night of the festivities, which made the atmosphere really great. I went there with Elke, Karolien (it would be the last time in quite some time she could come and party with us, the poor darling had to undergo heart surgery a couple of days later) and Elien (Karo's sister). After walking around the four of us for a while, we decided to meet up with Jim (British journalist, working in Brussels, we met a year and a half ago at a ¡Forward,Russia! gig and are gig mates ever since, the night in Ghent was only the second time we saw each other again after breaking up after a really short affair) and his Canadian friend Leigh, who turned out to be a really nice and intelligent guy. They were at an indie club called the Kinky Star. There was a pretty okay band playing over there but since things were getting kind of over-crowded, we left off. Elke wanted to meet up with some other people and she and Karolien eventually stayed with them for the rest of the night. Me, Leigh and Jim (who is my boyfriend again since that night, guess breaking up wasn't the best idea after all - I'm a total mess when it comes down to love) went to the water side and had slightly too many mojito's and vodka cocktails. - great night

The second time it was initially just me and Elke, chilling in the sun all afternoon, drinking sangria, catching up on each other's love life and other gossip(she was hearing me out about Jim, I was hearing her out about her new guy Steven - great timing, isn't it) and secretely observing passer-by's. At the beginning of the evening we met up with Steven and his friend Wesley, and spent the rest of the night with them.



Monday, 28 July 2008

Y Tu Mamá También

finally seen it...and loved it!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

(18/07) I bet that you look good on the dancefloor

Previous weekend I hit off to Ghent with Karolien and Elke to this London-style indie party called 'I bet that you look good on the dancefloor'. Before heading to the Tijuana we had a short Martini pre-drink in a really nicely designed bar Elke had been to once before. It was the first time for all of us to go to the Tijuana, but we weren't disappointed. It wasn't too big (some kind of lounge on the ground floor, a small but charming bar and dancefloor in the basement), more of a nice indie bar than a real club. We spent all night in the basement, where the music was really good (anything you love but usually never hear at Belgian party's, it was driving me crazy of excitement - 3x The Libertines in one night is more than I could ever wish for) and where the boys and girls were really gorgeous.


Tijuana: I loved the shiny dancefloor

hurray for myspace fame, it gets you free drinks!

with Tom from the Make-up Club

The Big Hat Band, doing a small gig

Maarten, the only person in the room that might have been as enthusiastic as I was

me and a guy with red skinny jeans and way too much confidence for his own good (although maybe we can understand why)

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Lisbon day 7 and what happened next

On day 7 we made a final morning walk through the parc situated almost right next to our hotel, before we had to leave and go to the airport.

What happened next? Not very long after we got home, I got ill. When recovered -after a few days - I prepared myself for a great weekend of partying in Ghent. Pictures to be followed later.

Lisbon day 6

the Expo site, including Europe's biggest aquarium

Lisbon day 5


Friday, 25 July 2008

Lisbon day 4

(daytime pictures taken in Cintra)