Monday, 1 December 2008

I Heart Niyi - This sexxx is on fire

Wow, last weekend was GREAT!

Saturday morning I went to Antwerp do some shopping. In the afternoon me, my parents and my sis were invited to my cousin Jana's birthday party. She turned 13 like a month ago, but it was quite hard to find a fitting date from everyone, so a delay was necessary.

my sister Iris (the blonde) and my cousin Jana

After a while I had to go because there was a party waiting for me. Well, to be honest, I think I was rather waiting for the party since I arrived quite early in Ghent. But no worries: Hermine took me on a mini-mini-tour through Ghent. Enough to have a not so pleasant encounter with weird Dutch guys and to do some Gisèle-stalking.

All great adventures, but still it felt good to enter the Make-Up and prepare for another great night out in my favourite club. And yes, I did have an excellent time.

I Heart Niyi was a party brought by top London dj Niyi Adelakun, joined by Hanna Hanra (co-publisher of the P.i.X and Durrr resident), Crystal Death and Thomas Sels. They played an enjoyable mix of electro and indie. Hermine even got what she wished for - Late of the Pier, that is. I sadly didn't get any Libertines, but two times Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon) made me happy enough.

The only moment in the set that I got slightly worried was when they played Sean Paul, but fortunately they made up for it pretty quickly.

The absolute top moment though, was the Thunderheist gig. If you don't know about them definitely check out their MySpace. The crowd wasn't too familiar with the music, but everyone easily fell in love with the singer's amazing energy.

The party lasted until 7 in the morning and it was hard to get everyone out of the club. Thank god I stayed at Peter's because I really wasn't in the mood for a 2 hour trip back to Grimbergen.

A couple of hours later Peter woke up with a major hung-over, but still he went to an Irish pub to see Manchester City-Manchester United and I joined him. There was even more beer!

Here's some pictures.
Hermine, before Late of the Pier (scroll some pictures down and see the after-pics).

Thunderheist Hermine again, this time after Late of the Pier (by the way, I love the expressions of the guy she's dancing/talking/flirting(?) with :p)

Show off those pretty blue eyes, Peter! (the organiser)

Spanish guys that kept us company and were kind of hitting on us

hot girl I made out with (no, I'm not a lesbian, was just for fun) - it's on camera and soon to be on Facebook, apparantly
Hermine spanish style


  1. Wow. That guy's windbreaker is a FASCINATING combination of colors. He looks like an Easter Egg!

  2. Haha! Looks like a good time. :)

  3. Kind of hitting on you? Full on is more like it :) And for christ's sake, next time tell me when you're going to stalk me! Look like a brilliant party (once again)

  4. Definitely! Are you coming to Vanishing Point on Friday?

  5. So much going on...!!! They guy in the yellow shirt seems really to be trying his best. Lol. Lovely.

    I love your hair by the way!

  6. Aww thank you! :)

    And yeh, he was trying very hard. :p