Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I hope I love you enough to let you go

On Wednesday I did another interview, this time with Luka Bloom. I was so very nervous because I adore his music, but turned out I really did not have to be.

Luka and his band (normally he does solo gigs, but this was a pretty exclusive gig with three musicians who have played on his most recent album) arrived an hour and a half later than predicted because their gear didn't come through at the airport. Me and the woman from the record label went for breakfast at a café in the neighbourhood as a pleasant way to kill the time.

Around noon, Luka and his friends arrived. After dropping off his lugage in his hotel room, Luka took me to a bar (he knows Brussels amazingly well) where we could do the interview. It was a very interesting talk about playing with a band, his recent album, the messages he wants to send out as a singer, and so on. Seldomly met someone so intelligent and friendly.

After the interview, Luka invited me for lunch in a restaurant he had wanted to visit for a while but that always seemed to be closed whenever he was around. It was a really good restaurant (I had chicken breast with mango and Chinese pasta, yummie!) and we had a nice chat.

In the evening, I went back to Brussels for the gig in the Ancienne Belgique. It was another amazing gig. Because the support act had cancelled earlier that day, Luka first did a solo set before getting back on stage with his band. Two lovely gigs instead of one, how lucky can one be?
People who have been reading my blog for a while now might remember
how I only just missed out on Luka's flowers last time I went to see him play. Well, this time they were all mine! :) At first he pretended to be throwing the flowers into the audience, but then he made a turn and handed them over to me (I was standing right in front of the stage). So sweet!

Some Luka-songs you should definitely hear:

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