Saturday, 21 March 2009

So come on dance with me Michael!

I've been to three gigs during the last few weeks.

1. Franz Ferdinand at the Ancienne Belgique

I'd seen Franz play once before, at the Rock Werchter festival a couple of years ago. Back then, they were good, but if I am completely honest, by far not as great as I had expected them to be. That fact makes it extra weird that I was prepared to pay 50 euros for this gig at the AB. I guess it must've been some unconscious faith in their ability to do better than what I saw at that festival. If that's the case, I was right, because this gig was exactly what I had already wanted the previous one to be. It was energetic, exiting, sexy and wild. I think I might've seen every corner of the venue and it is quite likely that I have lost some hair in the middle of the enthuastic crowd, but it was all worth it.

Highlights: all the hits, and they've played loads of them, but I guess This Fire and Michael were my favourite moments. Also, the ending of the gig when Alex jumped into the audience and everybody wanted to touch him.
Support Act: Kissogram, German electro-pop act with a singer that resembled Alex Kapranos a fucking lot. Pretty good, though!

2. White Lies at the Botanique

I'm pretty much into the White Lies debut album so I was really looking forward to see them live. They left me behind with mixed feelings. One part of me thinks it was an amazing gig. I mean, Harry McVeigh's voice is genious and sounds at least as good on stage as it does on an album. Plus, songs like 'A Place To Hide' (very Joy Division, that is) and 'Death' were performed brilliantly. On the other hand, I was kind of disappointed. Except for a couple of songs (including the two named above), White Lies didn't manage to give their music the intensity it needs. To use a comparison they're probably already tired of hearing: they can't make me feel the way a band like Editors can (each time over again, and I've already seen them five times). So, good gig, but not brilliant.

Highlights: Death, A Place To Hide, the pale lighting.
Support act: Haunts. They knicked half of their bass lines from Michael Jackson, but apart from that they kind of blew everyone away.

3. Electric Six at the VK
I went to this gig with my sister, mainly because we both love the ├╝ber kitsch hit 'Danger! High Voltage'. The gig was exactly what we'd expected it to be: one big (and kitschy) party! :)

Highlights: Danger! High Voltage, Gay Bar, Future is in the future, Dick Valentine's capes, moves and expressions.
Support act: Romano Nervoso. Pretty funny band.


  1. Give them some time.
    White Lies will get there.
    *x Phara

  2. owww. i'm so envious you've been to electric six AND franz

    D: <

    thank you so much (:
    that's the nicest compliment

  3. Phara - I will, they've got heaps of talent.

    Sophie - Yeh those were some awesome gigs. :) And you're welcome, meant every word I said. ;)