Sunday, 16 November 2008

You couldn't have come at a better time

I might have been the youngest person in the audience when I went to see Luka Bloom earlier this week, although I don't know why. I mean, the man doesn't make shiny electro-pop/rock tunes, but he takes the genre of folk so far beyond what we often assume it is.

Luka performed over an hour and a half. You might think that's a bit too much to listen to one single guy with nothing but an (electro)acoustic guitar, but...wrong! His guitar play is amazing enough to fill the entire space without feeling the limits of typical folk music. And of course, he's got loads of great songs to pick from. It became a really lovely night.

During the gig a woman screamed 'that was amazing!'. She and Luka started talking and after a while she asked for the flowers (Luka brings flowers to his gigs and hands them over to someone in the audience at the ending)and yeh, she got them.
After the gig, I met Luka and he told me he was actually planning on giving the flowers to me. :( The woman was standing near us and Luka made her give me 'at least one flower'. :) He was so very nice!


  1. OOOh, he's so sweet,
    damn that woman! ^^

  2. you should have got all the flowers!
    thank you for bringing him to my attention, he's amazing. have you ever heard of tommy emmanuel?

  3. when you liked the show that much, you should definitly check out the "Amsterdam" live'll love it...really :)



  5. Phara - indeed :(

    fash - thank you! :) hmm, I think I've heard about him, but I'm not too familiar with him. but I probably should be?

    Anonymous - thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    Jordan - hahaha, my sister noticed that too :p it didn't look as big in real life!

  6. Anonymous = me, i just found out the ability to enter my name....lame :(
    By the way...what did you think about that tallest man OTE album i mentioned before? I really love it!



  7. Well, nice to meet you Ken! :)

    I had a listen to it and it's quite good indeed - thanks for mentioning!

  8. Don't worry, good music is not wasted on the young ones: you're not the only one who adores him to bits. I simply found the concert to be rather expensive, probably like many other young people.

    It looks like you were feeding the flower dafalgan :)