Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oldie of the week (1) - The Hollies, 'Bus Stop'

Spring has arrived in Belgium and it feels sooo good. I'm not feeling ill anymore and it's like there's a smile permanently burned onto my lips.

Fresh start, fresh initiatives. And that's why I've decided to discover the magic of Twitter after all. You can read my - mostly not so very interesting, but ah well - regularly posted updates on the right side of this blog (right under the blog archive). If you're Twittering (is that even a verb?) yourself, don't hesitate to visit my
page and become one of my followers.

Another new thing on this blog is the 'oldie of the week'. Because I'm always posting new or at least fairly recent songs on here, I figured I should also pay some attention to my older favourites. Being raised in a family with a music-loving dad, I've always been fascinated by the sounds of the sixties, seventies and eighties (especially the sixties, to be honest).

This week I've picked my favourite song by The Hollies, one of the succesful 'British Invasion' bands. They're one of my most prefered sixties bands and I've always particularly loved 'Bus Stop', a catchy tune about a young romance starting at a bus stop. It's written by Graham Gouldman, who also wrote hit singles for other bands (like 'No Milk Today' for Herman's Hermits and 'For Your Love' for The Yardbirds) and who would later on become a member of 10cc. Enjoy!


  1. Sixties!! I love that time, just bought a cd from the Zombies, perfect for this time.

  2. I added you on Twitter. I know what you mean; a lot of the time I write things on there and think "Nobody could possibly be interested in this", but I'm always interested to read other people's updates. And I like this thing about older bands; they don't come much older than The Hollies.

  3. Phara - Good choice!!

    Jordan - Hehe exactly. My own updates always seem really uninteresting but then again, I really like reading other people's. :) I've added you as well!