Saturday, 7 March 2009

With a love like that, you know you should be glad

Everybody knows how much I love Make Up Club parties and how well I've got to know them during the last few months. Even then, I had never been to Heebiejeebies. Heebiejeebies is somewhat comparable to the other Make Up success concept Hindu Nights, although it's definitely more focused on sixties music and contemporary music with a sixties sound. I'd missed the previous edition so I was very eager to go to its follow-up last week.

My company for the evening consisted of Bart (the boss at Indiestyle) and Tessa (my party/concert buddy).
Bart with Vincent, who took care of the lights and got insanely drunk.

Mental and Adriaan (Peter's brother).


Sis, Christophe and their other dj'ing friend.

Our new mate Wout.
Tessa and I.

The day after meant one of the worst headaches ever for Peter, Carmen and I, but fortunately Peter took care of us very well by serving us some chocolate milk. And no matter what, such great parties are worth the headaches.