Monday, 30 March 2009

Come together right now over me

This weekend I went to the first edition of Icons, a new Make Up Club concept created by my friends Michaël en Vincent. The brothers were dj'ing themselves, as well as Bent Van Looy (Das Pop) and Armand.

When I arrived at the club (quite early as usual, I have to because of the limited amount of trains from Brussels to Ghent in the late evening) poor Michaël was suffering from a lot of stress because of the small amount of people that had turned up so far. I promised him the club would be packed only an hour later and, being the wise Make Up resident that I am, I was right.

A lot of people were somewhat caught up between mixed emotions because of what happened to our friend Pieter who passed away a week earlier and whose funeral had taken place that morning. But, just like he would have liked it, we enjoyed our night filled with music and the people we love.

The music was a superb mix of old and new indie/rock 'n roll classics. I'm so glad I was there with Tessa. She's a non-stop party girl just like me and we danced all night long - on the dancefloor, on stage, behind the dj booth with Michaël and Vincent. When we went back home in the morning, my feet were literally bleeding.

We stayed until the absolute ending of the party. We ended up with about ten people and it took ages before the security managed to get us out of the club and the street.

This might even have been my best night at Make Up so far. Loved it!

Michaël and Vincent.
Tessa and I.
Some guy I don't know.

Me and Michaël.
Bart, Gabriel and Tom, all fellow Indiestyle people.

The new jacket Michaël was wearing was the key element of the night. We'd been talking about it all night long. He only unzipped it and took it off during one of the last songs, only to find out he couldn't zip it again by himself. :p

Me and Michaël.

The survivors (about 7am in the morning).

Some pictures taken by Vincent on his phone:

Vincent and Bent.

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