Thursday, 5 March 2009

They're like headlights in the rear view mirror, they're closer than they seem

I can't believe how great things are going me for me lately. The last week has been another succession of unforgettable moments.

Last Friday I had the chance to interview one of my favourite bands, Bell X1, for Indiestyle. I got to know their music about two years ago, when they did an acoustic set as the support act to The Frames. I didn't know about them before (except for one song I had heard on the O.C. sometime), but they immediately grabbed my attention once they got on stage. Their singer Paul Noonan has got such a beautiful, clear voice which makes it impossible not to get touched by the music. When they did the acoustic version of the single Rocky Took A Lover and Paul sang the lines "they're like headlights in the rear view mirror, they're closer than they seem" he did something indefinable with his voice that just broke my heart. I've been a fan ever since, especially since I got to see them again only one month later when they supported Damien Rice (who used to be their ex-bandmate in the nineties band Juniper - hard to believe Paul was the drummer in those days!), this time with the entire band. Unfortunately I haven't got to see any of their shows since then, but I was very pleased when I received a copy of their new album "Blue Lights on the Runway". It's by far the best album they've made so far and I can advise all of you to check it out.

The interview was a lovely experience. I got to interview Paul (the singer) and Dave (the lead guitarist) and it was a pleasure to have them in front of me. They were extremely friendly and charming, and really witty as well. I always immediately transcribe my interviews into Dutch so it won't be very useful to post it here, but once it gets published I'll put the link to it on here for the interested Dutch-speakers among you. ;)

Here's some video material for those who don't know about Bell X1 yet:

How Your Heart Is Wired, great song from the new album:

Bad Skin Day:

For some reason I can't seem to find the original version of Rocky Took A Lover on YouTube (unless some live versions, feel free to check them out, they're a really good live band), so here's the acoustic version:

Also have a look at the post belowed, where I already shared the new single The Great Defector!

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