Thursday, 15 January 2009

Say it loud and sing it proud (2 exams done, 3 to go)

I've got my second exam finished and this one went a lot better than the previous one. Let's hope I can keep this up for the next three!

The night before the exam I was out in Brussels for the big Oasis gig in Vorst Nationaal. I had been looking forward to it for such a long long time so forgive me for not caring that much about having my exam the day after. (Moreover, I never learn in the evening, I work hard during the day so I can relax at night. Ha!)

It was quite an eventful night. To start with, it took me ages to get to the venue. Brussels is not the place you want to go to by car around 6-8pm. Poor dad (he was the driver). While I was waiting for Peter, Murat and the rest, I got pleasantly surprised by Tim Broddin who gave me a self-compiled cd for my birthday - thank you! :)

When everybody finally got there, we couldn't get to the front stage anymore. We went up to the seats upstairs for the support act Twisted Wheel. I had checked the band before the gig and they sounded pretty good then, but I wasn't really impressed by their live performance. That wasn't the main problem, though. We were especially bothered by the fact we weren't downstairs, right in front of the stage.

So we decided it was time for some action and went down, where we had to confront a very strict door-keeper. Talking to him didn't help us any further, so Eloise tried to force something by pushing the door and trying to walk through, passed the porter. But he was faster than her and he grabbed her. He - accidentaly (at least, I think so) - grabbed her by her breast. Some tough English bloke had seen what happened and he started to yell at the door-man: "Hey, don't you touch her tits!". He solidly pushed the door open and we ran inside as fast as we could. Turned out there still was plenty of space and we found ourselves a great spot.

The gig was mindblowing. The setlist looked like this:

1. Rock 'N' Roll Star 2. Lyla 3. The Shock Of The Lightning 4. Cigarettes & Alcohol 5. The Meaning Of Soul 6. To Be Where There's Life 7. Waiting For The Rapture 8. The Masterplan 9. Songbird 10.Slide Away 11. Morning Glory 12. Ain't Got Nothing 13. Half The World Away 14. I'm Outta Time 15. Wonderwall 16. Supersonic --- 17. Don't Look Back In Anger 18. Falling Down 19. Champagne Supernova 20. I Am The Walrus

Pretty impressive huh? And the guys are just great on stage. They look cool as ever, and - what people sometimes tend to forget - they're really good musicians. Too bad the crowd wasn't as great, the gig could've been another 1000 times better if the audience wouldn't have been as extremely boring.

Anyway, it was a great night and exactly what I needed to get through the rest of the exams. It was my first ever Oasis gig, but I've got more to look forward to. The guys are doing a gig in Lille at the end of this month, and Paul - the oldest Gallagher brother - got me on the guestlist, so I'm joining the 'Oasis gang' (same people as for this gig) to France! :)


  1. i do edit my photos, yeah
    but not overly
    the main thing i do to the photo is change the curves
    which is not directly changing the colour (:

    and oh, thank you very much ^___^

  2. You have such an amazing life! I am envious! :)

  3. You're life seems great too, so no need to worry! ;)