Monday, 12 January 2009

BBC Sound of 2009 (1 exam done, 4 to go)

I've had the first (and immediately the most difficult) of my five exams today. It didn't go terribly wrong, but not too great either. Nothing to do about it anymore though, so I guess I'll just wait and see and concentrate on the four exams which are still to come. The next one is on Wednesday.

Saturday was slightly more exiting, because it was the day when BBC finally reveiled their complete Sound of 2009 list. This is how the list works. It's quite a genious list, because it manages to correctly predict a whole bunch of next year's top acts year after the year. Although - I must admit - they often just 'steal' their ideas from Jools Holland.

This is the complete list:

1. Little Boots
2. White Lies

3. Florence and the Machine
4. Empire of the Sun
5. La Roux
6. Lady GaGa
7. VV Brown

8. Kid Cudi
9. Passion Pit
10. Dan Black

Winner Little Boots is supposed to be the new Kylie Minogue, but whereas I do have a soft spot for Kylie and her extremely danceable electropop, I don't manage to get exited about this girl. Too bad!

White Lies is without a doubt my favourite in this list. I love Joy Division, I love Editors, I love dark sad and kind of gloomy new wave songs, so there's not a single reason why I shouldn't love this band. I just heard their debut album, it's truly ace!

Florence and the Machine is another good act. I saw beautiful Florence and her gang as the support act for MGMT in early 2008. Florence has got a great voice and is a really interesting podium personality. Interesting detail: after the gig, she hugged me several times and expressed her love for my hair. :)

Talking about MGMT, it's pretty obvious where Empire of the Sun has been listening to during the previous couple of months. This could've been original a year ago, now it's not anymore, but what hasn't changed is that these guys make rather catchy tunes that I am going to like nevertheless.

La Roux is a very eighties-inspired London synth duo. Very hip and all, but I'm not a big fan.

Lady Gaga is already really popular here in Belgium. She's got everything to be the next best hype, but I honestly think her music is kind of rubbish.

VV Brown is part of another category, then. I discovered her a couple of months ago on Jools Holland's show and fell immediately in love with this woman. Definitely check out her lovely retro sounding song 'Crying Blood'!

You might know Kid Cudi from the succesful Crookers remix of 'Day and Night'. I'm not too fond of his other stuff, though.

Passion Pit sounds eh, interesting. I still have to make up my mind on wether I like this or not.

To end with, there's Dan Black. He's definitely someone to look out for, with his fascinating mix of electro, hiphop and pop.

My favourites...

White Lies - To lose my life

Florence and the Machine - Kiss with a fist

Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream

VV Brown - Crying blood

Dan Black - HYPNTZ


  1. oei, nog 9 uit te checken :)

  2. Agreed on Lady Gaga, SUCH commercial rubbish!! I can understand that not everyone likes La Roux but I just love 'quicksand'. Haven't listened to her other songs yet though. And I think Little Boots is pretty overhyped anyway. Am definitely gonna have a listen at Dan Black and VV Brown, they look good.

    It will be another wonderful music year I'm sure!

  3. White Lies is wel de moeite!

    De rest mag je vergeten :)