Friday, 23 January 2009

Did you spare a little thought for me? (4 exams done, 1 to go)

Sooo, another exam that went well. Still worrying about that first one, though. Worrying or no worrying, Wednesday night was lovely. Even though I was really tired when I left home, I became full energy when I arrived at the Botanique for the Little Man Tate gig.
The support act was terrible - even though the songs were pretty good, all the band members were really amateuristic and during each riff he played, the guitar player had this look on his face like he was playing a very impressive solo.

Little Man Tate was really good, though. I didn't expect so, but the singer was absolutely fantastic (and really charming and cute). They played a lot of new songs, not all equally impressive, but mostly fine enough and often extremely catchy!

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