Saturday, 17 January 2009

I pictured a rainbow you held in your hands

I Am: ambitious, but realistic
I Want: to go on a holiday (really, I need to get out)
I Have: a comfortable life
I Wish: I could play an instrument
I Fear: that someday I’ll be completely forgotten
I Hear: Bloc Party
I Search: for more
I Wonder: if I’ll have the guts to fulfil all of my dreams
I Regret: hurting people
I Love: my friends and family, music, discovering the world, anything spontaneous
I Always: listen to music
I Usually: love stages
I Am Not: perfect
I Dance: to rock ‘n roll
I Sing: always and anywhere
I Never: give up
I Rarely: walk away from my principles
I Cry: when nobody is around
I Am Not Always: focused
I’m Confused: by myself
I Need: more patience

I Should: study

I'm curious about your results, so don't hesitate to fill this form yourself if you have the time. ;)


  1. Oh, I especially like your "I rarely" answer! :)

  2. An annoying characteristic of mine to some, but I'm glad you can appreciate it. :)

  3. Oh what a totally cool little survey! This could be loads of fun to fill out... I might post it on my blog too!

    And, like you, I wish I could play an instrument. Which instrument would you want to play?

  4. Very different choices, but either bass guitar (most underrated instrument ever) or piano (because it's the best instrument to express emotions). How about you?