Sunday, 18 January 2009

Plans (3 exams done, 2 to go)

I forgot to mention in my previous post, but I did well on my third exam. 2/3 good ones so far -could be worse, I guess. :)

As usual I can't stop planning all kinds of things during the exam period. My last exam is on the 26th this month, and the new term starts on February 9th (although it'll start a little later for me - I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled out, auwch!), but I'll make sure to fill in that gap appropriately! So far that means:

- 29/01: meeting up with Elke, finally!
- 30/01: Oasis gig in Lille + afterpartyyy
- 02/02-05/02: a trip to (hopefully sunny) Rome with Karolien and Nick
- 06/02: back in Belgium for Hindu Nights (with a Carl BarĂ¢t DJ set!) at Make Up Club

It's very hard to concentrate on my books with all those great prospects!


  1. Auwtch. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 14 and that sucked big time. Because they hadn't come out yet, the doctors had to work a bit harder to remove them. Wasn't fun!

    Rome seems great, have never been there but want to visit it some time :)

    Good luck with the rest of the exams

  2. Guess there will be massive strikes in Rome on 5th feb so that you won't get home in time and miss Carl Barat again ;-)))

    Hope the wisdom teeth affair won't be too painful!

  3. Thijs - Same situation here, they haven't come out yet. So thank you for pointing out the eh, nice outlooks. Btw, definitely viit Rome if you have to chance to someday. I've been there a couple of years ago and it was lovely!

    Bart - Nooo, don't make me even think of that!! :'(

  4. Ah, that is not fun.
    Try to get such a cold ice pack, one that you can re-use by putting it in the freezer. That really helped me against the pain. Never had to take pain meds after leaving the hospital.

    My biggest problem was that I couldn't open my mouth wider than a cm for a couple of days. Most other people I know didn't have that problem, but they had only one side removed at a time, while I had both done at once (only one time the pain I figured out ;-) )

    Do your wisdom teeth happen to laying horizontal, instead of vertical?

    Well, maybe if you are lucky the tooth fairy may come once again ;)

  5. No idea if they lay horizontal or vertical, fact is they can't come out anyway because my mouth is way too small (I even had a couple of molars pulled out because of that reason). I'm going to have them all pulled out at the same time as well, seemed pretty logical to me plus everyone advised me to do so. Did you have a swollen face? Anyway, thanks for the tips!

  6. You? Small mouth? :p

    Yes, I had a pretty nice looking swollen face. :) Lasted for little over a day if I can remember correctly. Just don't forget to take pictures! ;-)

  7. GOD you are going to Rome!!! It will be so lovely!!! I still haven't had the chance to go there, but it is on top of my list.

    You got me a little scared there with that wisdom teeth thing... I have to get mine taken out soon too... I don't want t...

    I'm sending you MOTIVATION to read and finish off with your exam. I bet you'll score 100 in the next one!

  8. Thijs - Ok, not any longer that, that's better than I thought it would be! No pics, though! ;)

    Pienovski - Thank youu, although I think 100 may be a tiny bit overstated. ;)
    Rome is definitely worth a visit. I've been there once before, and it was amazing!