Sunday, 1 February 2009

AO finals 2009

I've always been a very sensitive person when it comes down to any way of competition, not only when it involves myself, but also the athletes I look up to. There's not athlete I have more admiration for than Roger Federer, which resulted in me crying my heart out ever since the men's finals of the Australian Open were played and won by Rafael Nadal (7-5 3-6 7-6 3-6 6-2).

The first four sets were extremely exiting. Federer and Nadal are so much better than anybody else in the ATP tennis tournament, and it showed. Federer didn't manage to make something out of a couple of great chances he managed to create, and that's what killed him in the end. Did his nerves fail on him because of his previous losses in Grand Slam finals against Nadal? Or was it something else that made him struggle with his first serve? Anyhow, Federer also showed us some amazing tennis, but those little moments of hesitating gave Nadal the opportunity to push through and finish it off in the last set.

Nadal was great, so you won't ever hear me say he didn't deserve it. I just felt so so bad for Roger. I think Rafael and Roger are equally good at this point of their carreers, but Roger is under too much pressure and he has some difficulties handling it. It wasn't very surprising that he was very disappointed. He had a hard time after the match was finished and confessed "God it's killing me" before the tears started rolling. Bless Nadal for saying “I really know how you feel right now. Remember that you are a great champion and you are one of the best in history and you will beat Pete Sampras’ 14 titles for sure.” I hope he's right. I know Roger has the talent and the will to do so, but I hope he can still find the strength to keep on fighting for it.
It's unbelievable how emotional watching tennis can be. At first I was a bit angry with Roger because of his disappointing last set, but now I'm sure he gave all he could bring up mentally and physically. I'll keep on supporting for him and have faith in him winning his 14th Slam after all. Go Roger!


  1. It was another great match, wasn't it? Some of the points were just unbelievable; both players were reaching balls that looked beyond them. It's disappointing for Federer, but he's clearly still good enough. He just seems to be a bit shaken mentally at the moment, particularly when it comes to playing Nadal.

  2. It was a brilliant match. They are both so much better than any other play at the moment. Good to see Federer is still good enough, but like you say, there are some mental issues he needs to overcome. Let's hope he manages to do so soon!