Monday, 2 February 2009

Spice up your life!

Might sound surprising, but I've been up to more than watching tennis during the last few days! :p
On Thursday evening, Elke and I met up in Brussels to celebrate the end of the exams. We started the night by going to Le Roi Des Belges to drink a cocktail. Last time we were there, we tried the delicious Road Runner (vodka, amaretto, coco) and we just hád to have it again this time. We exchanged birthday presents (my birthday was in late December, hers early January, but due to exams we hadn't seen each other for quite a while) - Elke got me a long necklace with a big black amulet, I got her two candle holders in green mosaic glass from Germany.
After catching up on everything we didn't get the chance to tell each other during the last two months, we headed to Nua for some karaoke. I immediately caught the eye of some boys who tried to approach me by telling me "it's our friend's birthday (yeah right) and he thinks you're a real cutie, can't you give him a kiss?". This way too typical moment led to me and Elke exchanging some quick glimpses with two guys who were sitting at the other side of our table and who had also witnessed the scene.

We started talking to the pair. One of them was called Mike; he is from L.A. but is spending about a year in Brussels for his job (some EU function). His friend's name was Wim, a Flemish guy who works as a security guard at Mike's job. They turned out to be really nice and we spent the entire evening together.
It was a night of red wine and lots of singing. Sometimes that turned out okay (Elke and I are getting really professional in performing 'Super Trouper', for instance), sometimes eh, not really okay (never ever again am I going to sing 'Under Pressure' in front of a whole bar). Mike and I even sang a song with some homeless guy called Jesus.

Elke opening her present.
The karaoke moderator. He almost managed to steal my camera.



Mike knew the girl with the pink hair. Her name was Christina, she was American as well, and she lives here because of her dad's job. I think she was very high, but she was lovely.

Tuomas, some Finnish guy we met at the end of the guy. I thought he was nice, Elke thought he was plain boring because he was talking about the origins of his name.


  1. Good to see you posting more often again. Kind of expected to run into you at the Make-Up club last Saturday, but let's party again soon sweetie!

    - Gisèle

  2. Hey lovely,

    I left you an award at my blog. :) Have a lovely day!!!

  3. that last one looks like the type to take home and meet your mother! just maybe not pulling that face...

  4. Gisèle - That must've been Vanishing Point? I wasn't there because of a heavy Oasis night in Lille the night before.

    Pienovski - Aww, you're a sweetheart!!

    fash - Yeh, I'm convinced my mom would love him! :)