Tuesday, 17 February 2009

They twist and they shout for, for the boys in the band

Last week's Hindu Nights was the most special edition to me so far. Why is that? Because ex-Libertine Carl Barât was dj'ing! It's a shame he didn't do a gig on his guitar, but still, it's Carl - I'm happy! :)

After warming up with some drinks and an Oasis dvd at Nick's place, we went over to the Make Up Club for a superb night out.

Nick, Karolien, Elien

Nelly, Sofia, Eva

Anthony (ex-Dirty Pretty Things) and Carl behind the dj-booth

Eva and Nick


Then, all of a sudden, Peter came over to me to tell me about an afterparty at Carl's place. Unfortunately there were quite a lot of people who turned up for the afterparty and only Peter's friends could come in, so I had to leave all of my friends behind. I felt really bad for them, but the darlings wanted me to go in anyway, so THANK YOU once again!
Everybody was kind of afraid to look like a fangirl/boy so there weren't a lot of pictures taken. Michaël couldn't stop himself though, so he made this Carl picture with his cellphone.

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