Saturday, 7 February 2009

Tonight I'm a rock 'n roll star

Hey everyone! An Oasis gig in Lille, a trip to Rome and a Hindu Nights in Make Up + Carl Barât afterparty further, I am back to enlighten you on all of those events.

Let's start with the beginning. One week ago I got the chance to see Oasis in Lille. The gig was sold out but thanks to Paul Gallagher and Peter, I found my way onto the guestlist. We (a whole bunch of people, mostly friends of Peter) all had a brilliant time.
A while ago I blogged about the Oasis gig that took place a couple of weeks ago in Brussels, when the band was really good but the audience was equally shite. The gig in Lille was completely different. Whereas the Belgian audience barely felt the urge to clap their hands, the people in Lille sang along song after song. It clearly reflected onto the band, because they managed to take what was already a good show to an even higher level. I could almost die from happiness.

Afterwards, we went to a place called Supermarket (strangly enough, it looked a little like the Make Up Club) where Peter and Paul were dj'ing. The event hadn't got enough publicity and was located quite far from the concert hall, so there wasn't a big turnup, especially not in the first two hours. The music was awesome, though.

Around 3, we drove back to Ghent to buy some pita and eat it in the office of the Make Up.

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