Sunday, 8 February 2009

Rome day 1

After a shaking flight (we had quite some turbulence and Nick was playing with my seatbelt without realising he actually opened it - resulted in me making some eh, interesting moves towards the ceiling), my travelling partners (Nick and Karolien) and I arrived in Rome Ciampino airport on Monday evening. It was the start of three eventful days.


Rome university.

Nick's dream body.

Nick and Karolien in front of the Colloseum.

Funny Roman guys who pretended to cut off Nick's masculin parts with their sword.

Me trying to be as tall as Karo.
Nick had to make some confessions.

Circus Maximus.

Restaurant where they tried to make us pay the same tip twice.

Rome by night.

Monument for Vittorio Emmanuele.

Intellectual Nick.

Fashion Party.


Fontana di Trevi, where we met Andrei (more about him in the next two posts)

The Travelling Sheep listening to The Rakes.

Bad wine, fun night.


  1. wow! whatever camera you have handles nighttime photography very well! :)

    what an amazing trip!

  2. It's a Canon A570 digital camera, very basic. But it seems to work fine! :)