Friday, 21 November 2008

Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur

(translation: inside me a lunatic sings)

A moment I'd been looking forward to for a long, long time was the Sigur Rós gig in Vorst Nationaal (concert hall in Brussels). It was the fourth time I saw this amazing band perform and once again I was completely impressed.

Some people aren't so much into the new album because it's more accessible than their previous work (not me though - no matter how much I worship the previous albums, I think it's good for a band to do something that's a little different from time to time), but even those songs proved to be able to move people (including me, each time again) to tears when performed live.

The highlights? Fljótavík, Svefn-g-englar, E-Bow (untitled 6), Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur (I love the quatre-mains!), All Alright and of course the so very intense Popplagiõ (untitled 8).

It's not fair towards the band to try and describe what I experience during their shows, because no words are able to do it justice. It's like I'm sensing all possible emotions at the same time, extremely intense.. There's not a single band like Sigur Rós and I love them for that.

Here are some beautiful pictures by Pieter Morlion and Jens Baert!


  1. Yeah, they were great when I saw them in Manchester. And I know what you mean about the experience; it's very difficult to describe.

  2. Hi, i wish i was there also, but i was to late for buying tickets :(. Saw them a couple of times before...always very intens