Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Get your hands on some cheap wine

So I didn't make it to Dirty Pretty Things goodbye gig (cries a little), but I díd go to Late of the Pier last week.

It's been a while since I've seen an audience with the same amount of enthusiasm as the one that showed up for Late of the Pier. To be honest, I think the band could have done better if the crowd wasn't that convinced of having a good night before the gig even started. Their wasn't much of a challenge for the boys, if you know what I mean. But who am I to complain? It was quite some party, partly thanks to the never-stopping Neon Enlightenment-girls!

The great support act Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip!

Late of the Pier

Check out these pictures by Joachim Beckers from Wannabes (it's me in the last picture, ha!):


    Het was zo leuk!
    Ik wil terug gaan in de tijd naar vorige dinsdag. En dan dat uurtje laten herhalen tot in het oneindige zodat late of the pier eeuwig blijft spelen. En wij eeuwig blijven dansen.

    Faley is zo grappig op die foto. :)

  2. Hmm, why does that guy rond around with Mendeljev's tabel? :D

  3. This is what I wanted to respond yesterday but my computer was being annoying:

    I though of the conversation we had about Richey Edwards back then earlier today, so I decided to look at what Wikipedia said and apparently (coincidence or not?) he's been officially declared dead two days ago..

    About Potter: the reason I thought you might've suggested he's gay is because everyone thinks so :-) He isn't though. Anyway, I'm not gonna be childish and fight over it with you at all. I am not in love with Potter whatsoever. LOTP belongs t everyone.

    Another coincidence: last week I saw those Wannabes photos and I was going to tell you about you being in one of them but then I forgot and I see you've noticed in the meanwhile :-)

  4. Hermine - Haha, inderdaad. :D

    Thijs - He was 'illustrating' his lyrics, I thought it was pretty funny. :D

    Gerlin - Wow, that's a weird coincidence. :s It's really sad news, especially since we'll probably never know for sure what really happened.

    I didn't think Potter was gay, and I like men with a slight feminine touch. ;) PEACE!