Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I'm so clever, but not very wise

Five Things In My Bag:

- Canon digital camera

- black iPod nano

- Moleskine notebook

- red Rimmel nailpolish

- black wallet

Five Favorite Things In My Room:

- music collection

- Libertines posters

- pictures

- glitter dress

- cuddly animals

Five Things I’m Currently Into:

- post-its

- Snow Patrol (sorry Gerlin, but I'm really into that last album)

- Six Feet Under

- Songbird (the media player)

- black eyeliner and mascara

Five Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do:

- become a cultfigure

- become a music journalist (as a real job, not just like I'm doing now)

- move to London

- celebrate Midsummer night in Bergen, Norway

- be in a band

Five Places I Won't Ever Forget:

- London - anyplace, anytime

- Botanique on a hot summer night

- Fontana di Trevi area in Rome, remembers me of the good times I had there when we travelled to Rome in our last year of high school

- Air Liquide, where I've done my student job the last two summers - might be a strange choice, but I loved being there

- Bellevaux, where my grandparents used to have a chalet - loads of good memories


  1. Don't listen to Gerlin. She used to laugh at me for listening to Nirvana and now she listens to it herself! Call it fate, but I was listening to the new Snow Patrol album when I decided to give Bagels and Guns another visit. It was only after reading your last two posts that I realized who much you are into Snow Patrol. I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!

  2. Six Feet Under is very good; well worth getting into.

  3. Why five things?

    Magic number is 3 or 7 or 9.

    Or you have your own magic 5.

  4. Gisèle - woohoo! :) LOVE YOU TOO!

    Jordan - definitely, I'm pretty much addicted

    Acclimatizer - 5 probably felt left out between all those magic numbers, it was the least I could do

  5. Anything for peace, baby! :)

  6. I wasn't really laughing at Gisèle for Nirvana, I was just really surprised to see her listening to it. I never said they were a bad band!
    But Snow Patrol still are, I'm afraid. Anyway, I still love you even though you listen to them! How 'bout that!

  7. Gerlin - you might be a tiny bit evil, but don't worry, I love you too!! :)

    Acclimatizer - I can live with that! :)