Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Withering where some snowman was

I was supposed to go to the Dirty Pretty Things goodbye gig on Sunday night, but my plans got sabotaged by the snow. Traffic became hell and my mom said I wasn't allowed to go because it would be completely perilous. She might have been right in some way, but still.. It was their Belgian goodbye gig! :( And hearing how amaaazing it was from everyone who did make it to the gig (fortunately I wasn't the only one who failed to do so) doesn't help, exactly.

It's not easy to say this right now, but even all of this can't make me hate snow. In fact, I pretty much love snow.
You should have heard me a couple of hours before it obstructed me on my way to Carl Barât: "Snow! SNOW! It's snowing! Woohoo, Christmas! Woohoo, everything's white!" Yes, I can get a little silly at times.


  1. Sorry you missed the gig, but that looks amazing. We haven't even had a little snow yet.

  2. Aww. :( It's already gone here in Belgium, but I'm glad we got our part - too bad the timing wasn't great.

  3. Looking at your pictures make me miss snow SO MUCH! No matter what the season is here, all you see is sand, sand and a little more sand.

    I'm really loving your blog. Just spend a good 30 minutes here. Keep it up. It's GREAT!

  4. Thank you - I'm really glad you like my blog! :)

    If it's any consolation: I hardly ever get to see proper sand. ;)