Tuesday, 4 November 2008

It's (not) getting boring by the sea

More Botanique fun last week, when I went to see Blood Red Shoes.

I was supposed to do an interview with the band, but Laura-Mary (singer, guitarist) lost her passport the day before which caused some troubles. She only turned up around 9.30pm, so I could forget about my interview. (instead, I went to Elke and Karolien, who were going to the gig as well. Elke had her parents' car that week, so I could stay with her after the gig, she said)

Fortunately, Blood Red Shoes made up for it with a really good gig. It was all about good music, moshpits and yeh, even dancing on stage. Gerlin and Phara (from Neon Enlightenment) got the permission from Steven (singer, drummer) to climb on stage during It's Getting Boring By The Sea. They were sweet enough to help me on stage as well, and by the end of the song we were joined by heaps of people. It was hypnotizing. And it was all filmed and posted on YouTube - I'm the girl in the front who is hugging the girl in the red dress (that's Gerlin).

After buying half the merchandising away (Karolien got her some buttons, Elke picked out a beautiful poster and I went for the LP) and letting the band sign every single piece of it, we went back to the car (which we had left in a garage). That was our intention, at least.

Although Elke had carefully ensured we picked a parking that stayed open long enough, we didn't seem to be able to get in anymore. We even tried another entrance than the one we had used to get out, but same story there.

Midnight subways in Brussels aren't much of a great idea for three girls all by themselves, we all agreed on that one. I suggested taking a bus and we were glad to find out there was a night bus 30 minutes later. It was freezing, so we decided to have a drink in the meantime. Unfortunately, every bar in the neighbourhood seemed to be closed. Alternatively, we spent half an hour sitting on the floor of a KBC bank office. When we got back to the bus stop we found out there were only night busses during the weekend, so we had been waiting for nothing.

And so we decided to stop being greedy and just took a taxi. Ah well. The next morning we found out there was a third entrance to the parking. Sigh.

Gerlin and Hermine, flyering like they've never done anything else.

The Excerts, the not-so-very-good support act (the guys seemed nice enough, though). In the first picture of them, they're joined on drums by Steven from Blood Red Shoes.

Blood Red Shoes!

Karolien and a new boyfriend :)

Laura-Mary (BRS), Elke, Karolien, me, Steven (BRS)

our famous 30 minutes in the KBC bank, from moderate contenment to complete dispair


  1. hello, I was beside you with the concert. You remember?
    I hope to re-examine you with an other concert. If you want, here is my address msn tricot_romain@hotmail.com sorry if my English is not perfectly correct because I speak French.

  2. Steven has got my heart now ^^,
    let's try it again with late of the pier!

  3. RoMaIn - I think I remember you :D I'll add you to my msn.

    Phara - Eternal love to Steven. And we'll make sure to do it again with Late of the Pier. ;)

  4. ok, like that, perhaps that we will see again
    in another concert. xD