Saturday, 25 October 2008

Louder louder, and we'll run for our lives

I visited my friends in Leuven on Tuesday.

After having dinner at an extremely cheap but good Italian restaurant and finally meeting Liesbeth's boyfriend Wouter, she and I took off to a 24-hours estafette that was going on between the different faculties of the KUL (Leuven Uni). We weren't too active ourselves, but I like to believe we were good supporters.

Afterwards, we - Liesbeth and I, joined by Sam - went back to Liesbeth's room where the three of us spent hours (well, Liesbeth fell asleep after a while, so that makes it the two uf us, I guess) chatting underneath the covers of her bed.

Wouter and Liesbeth


Liesbeth and I won ugly blue sunglasses that made me look like Liam Gallagher



  1. Ah, die Sam. De jongen die nooit heeft gereageerd op ons smsje voor zijn verjaardag!

  2. Schandalig, ik zal hem er toch eens over moeten aanspreken hoor. :p