Friday, 24 October 2008

Vodka cran in your hand and whose little girl are you now?

I downloaded the free Webcammax trial onto my computer, so all I'll be doing for a while is playing around with this new toy of mine.


  1. TV On The Radio! It just took me ages to figure out where I knew that lyric from.

  2. Super beeld, vooral met dat geweer!

  3. That kinda lamp in the back is awsome :)

  4. Jordan - well, reading this blog keeps your mind working! :) It's from my favourite TV On The Radio song 'Playhouses'!

    Bart - dank je! Echt een verslavend speelgoedje, die webcammax. :)

    Thijs - I can make it shine in different colours! And I can make it turn around!