Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Beautiful women are invisible

Yesterday evening I went to the cinema to watch 'Elegy', the best film I've seen for quite a while.

'Elegy' is an intense drama by Isabel Coixet based on a Philip Roth novel.
The film is about an older professor/critic (Ben Kingsley) who never committed himself to a decent relationship after a marriage in his younger years left him completely desillusioned. All he is really looking for is sex, until he gets to know the Cuban beauty Consuela (Penelope Cruz), one of his students, right after graduation.
What he feels for her is more than just sexual attraction, but still he doesn't seem to be able to get involved in the relationship like people traditionally do, partly because he finds it hard to believe he can have a future with such a young, gorgeous girl.
But I'll stop here, since I don't believe in spoilers.

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this film. It was very beautiful, painful, emotional, intelligent and intense at the same time.
I loved all the performances. Kingsley was great as ever, but also lots of kudos to Dennis Hopper (who plays Kinglsey's best mate), Penelope Cruz (what's not to love about her, she's stunning but - as this movie proves - also a good actress) and Peter Sarsgaard (absolutely one of my favourite actors, he plays Kingsley's son).

I read in a review that 'Elegy' isn't destined to anyone under the age of 40, but I do not completely agree with that. I can see why it could be a more relevant movie for those people, but there were many ways in which I could relate to the characters as well.

However, definitely a must-see!


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  2. The actors in this film are amazing. Its’ a film I could watch again and again just because of the performances. Dennis Hopper is great. I wish the others would take a leaf out of Hopper's book and get their voices recorded by Navtones so I could have them on my GPS. I just got Hopper's voice and other cool celebrities as the voice on my GPS at It's awesome and I recommend it, just like this film.

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