Sunday, 12 October 2008

Free things for poor people

Thursday, I've been spending practically all day in Brussels. I met up with Katrijn to do some shopping (I bought myself a dark blue bat sleeve blouse and a lovely pair of black suede and very high heeled shoes, Katrijn went home with a new party outfit and two pairs of gorgeous red shoes which she bought for no money) and in the evening I went to the Botanique, where I was going to watch Infadels play in the Orangerie.

Apparantly Bell X1 - an Irish band which I've already seen twice, supporting The Frames and a couple of months later Damien Rice - was doing a gig in one of the other venues, which made me a bit sad of course. But I comforted myself by treating me to a piece of their merchandising catalogue - a great live cd/dvd.

Before the gig, I met Infadels in their dressing rooms. I was doing an interview for Indiestyle with Richie Vernon (keyboard player) and Matt Gooderson (guitars), which turned out to be a great experience. I'm pretty positive that these two guys must be the nicest interviewees I've had so far. It was kind of difficult to stay focused, though, considering the fact that Richie was already wearing his stage make-up (see pictures below) whilst talking about less funny things like being ripped off by their tour manager. But really, they were absolutely great - friendly, witty and not looking the slightest bit annoyed.

The same greatness was to be found in their gig. I missed out on them at Pukkelpop (good excuse, though: Carlos BarĂ¢t), but I never want to miss out on them ever again when they come back to Belgium. It was one hell of a party, from the first note to the last one.

If you know Dutch, feel free to read my review on Digg*: The interview will be up on Indiestyle one of the next days.

Here's some pictures:

Talking about reviews, here's what I wrote about my beloved Paul Weller's gig the night before I went to London:

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