Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Don't look back in anger

There's not a single better place for a party than the Make-Up Club in Ghent. Last weekend, I headed there for the third edition of Hindu Nights (the second one for me to attend) and I had the best time EVER.

My companions were Leehana, Karolien, Stef (Karolien's boyfriend) and Ann-Sofi (a great Finnish girl I met on the Internet, who is working as an au-pair in Brussels). Once I was in the club, I also met up with the lovely Neon Enlightenment girls and some other people I knew.

It was the kind of party that absolutely deserves to be called a party. The evening/night consisted of one gig (Freaky Age) and three dj-sets (Paul Gallagher, Shut Up and Dance (with Sam De Bruyn) and Eppo Janssen.

The music was amazing - all of my favourites were included: Joy Division, Oasis, Babyshambles, Editors, The Jam, The Beatles, MGMT, Franz Ferdinand... and - woohoo! - The Libertines!

The ultimate highlight was "Don't look back in anger" - of course picked by Peter (Hindu Nights organiser en huge Oasis fan) himself - when everybody gathered around the dj booth as if they still had to make clear how much of a great anthem that song is.

Two days later, the Belgian Oasis gig in January got announced - of course I'll be there.

(the pictures are partly mine, partly Ann-Sofi's)

(the stare - it frightens Gisèle)

pretending to steal bikes



  1. Your eyes look huge in that staring photo!

  2. Maybe that's why poor Gisèle thinks it's such a scary look? :)

  3. I don't know; you don't look scary to me. :)

  4. hello (:
    that day looks fun :D

    thank you very much ^___^

  5. Jordan - yeey! :)

    Sophie - it definitely was fun! thanks for passing by!