Monday, 29 September 2008


Sooo... My first re-arranged London trip (the one where I go to London on my own and stay in the Georgian house) - the one that was actually planned for the end of October - will be slightly put forward. Friday night I'm still expected at the Ancienne Belgique (to watch Paul my love Weller), but Saturday I'm taking the Eurostar (I'll take my chances) to England first thing in the morning. I'll be coming back four days later. Excellent. :)

Tomorrow I'm off to Ghent to do an interview with Peter from the Make-Up Club, one of the top party venues in this country. Let's see what that brings.


  1. In the north west; it's the best bit.

  2. In het vervolg moet ge het laten weten wanneer ge in Gent zijt. Have fun in London!