Saturday, 13 September 2008

Evil woman

Please explain me, because I don't seem to get it. Why on earth do so many Americans support this woman??


  1. Geen link meer? :(

    Seriously, I wish I could write as good as you...! ^^


  2. Link fixed. ;) And thank you, even though I honestly don't see what's wrong with your writing.

  3. Her ideas on abortion, homosexuality, religion etc are indeed borderline crazy. I don't see what's wrong with this first video though?

  4. I'm very much against her ideas on the Georgia/Russia case. She's practically declaring war to Russia, and that's not exactly the kind of country you want to provoke that way.. Really, I still haven't found the first thing Palin and I agree on.

  5. She's right about Russia though, from what I've seen so far anyway. Russia was totally out of line invading Georgia the way it did. It seems to me that Russia's trying to show the world they're a power to be reckoned with etc - and we shouldn't stand idly by. I'm not saying we should declare war on them, but we should take a firm stance against Russia and it's actions of late.

    Apart from that, Palin's a crazy woman. :D

  6. I agree Russia went out of line and it's good that we make clear we dont agree with what they did, especially the way they did it. But a good politician does this in a diplomatic way and Palin literally said she is prepared to attack Russia - indeed, not so very diplomatic. Especially considering Russia's possible reactions.

    But she is a crazy woman, glad we agree on that one. ;-)