Monday, 8 September 2008

Come on, Roger!

Usually I support Andy Murray. In fact, there's only one person against whom I wouldn't support him. Of course, I'm talking about my favourite tennis hero Roger Federer! Tonight these guys are competing each other for the US Open 2008 title, and there's a lot at stake.

Murray can win his first Grand Slam and finally bring some tennis glory to the Brits.

Federer can make up for an average season (let's say, a good or even great season for any other player, but not as much as we are used from Roger) ànd win his 13th slam (which would mean he's coming really close to Pete Sampras' 14 slams record).

Now, don't you think Roger deserves this? Especially considering Andy is still very young and has probably still quite a future ahead of him.

Well, I do. Go Roger!


  1. I was obviously disappointed that Murray didn't win, but I like Federer, and he played very well, so I guess he deserved it.

  2. Yeh, he was great, especially first and third set. What an amazing forehand! He's such an amazing player.
    But Andy played a very good tournament, I'm sure he'll get his Grand Slam soon enough (he's only 21, so plenty of time left).