Saturday, 23 August 2008

Pukkelpop day 3

Day 3, and another list of must-sees to go - even though my feet hurt like hell.

* Lykke Li (nice gig, but not quite as good as I expected)

* The Whip: no pictures, because I was too busy dancing till my poor feet were bleeding and being the subject of a photographer myself (despite the early hour this gig was a great party)

* Late of the Pier (wasn't such a big fan in advance - contrary to some of the girls I was hanging out with at the festival - but they managed to convince and convert me, even though I didn't see the whole gig)

* The National (the reason why I couldn't see all of Late of the Pier, and a very good reason it was - even if they only played Fake Empire it would've been worth it)

* Manic Street Preachers (another personal highlight; this band deserves to be and stay on top + I loved Nicky's microphone!)

* Bloc Party (a bit of a disappointement, I thought they would've been more energetic)

* Sigur Rós (best gig of the festival, this was everything and more - I was crying like a baby)

* Off stage:
Elke and her refreshment

Hermine, Phara, Gisèle, Gerlin - Late of the Pier fans :)

sleepy guy
covered sleepy guy
David (on the right) and a friend of his

my personal interpretation of body art: Steven-love (on Elke's arm)...
...Manic Street Preachers-love (on my arm)...
...self-confessed stalking affairs (on Sylvie's arm)...
...Roger Federer-love (on my arm, I screamed so hard that everybody at the festival must've understood that he won the golden medal in the double tennis games at the Olympics).

Elke and Ringlings. Oh, how we love festival food.



2) Manic Street Preachers

3) Dirty Pretty Things/Editors

4) The Futureheads/The National


  1. i would have cried my eyes out watching sigur ros, LUCKY LUCKY GIRL.

  2. I too have seen Sigur Rós. I didn't cry, but it was pretty great.