Friday, 22 August 2008

Pukkelpop day 2

After drinking some tomato soup on a nice terrace near the camping and writing some of my reviews for the other day's gigs, I was ready for day 2.

* Those Dancing Days (too much of an act, pretty poor musically)

* Pete and the Pirates (now they are a band that can make me dance that early in the day)

* Das Pop (I liked them better when I saw them a couple of years ago, still one of the better Belgian bands)

* The Do (okay)

* Arsenal (too bad they didn't play Either, but they did play Lotuk, Longee and Estupendo and that's more than enough to make my day)

* a part of Los Campesinos (okay)

* Foals (very tight set, it would've been better if the audience - me and my friends excluded, that is - wasn't acting that boring)

* Does It Offend You, Yeah? (very tight as well, and they díd have the audience on their side)

* The Futureheads (I didn't know in advance if I was going to see them or Robyn, but I'm glad I picked The Futureheads - it was a party, an explosion!)

* Blood Red Shoes: my pictures suck, I was standing too far from the stage (so good that me and my friends decided to create a mini moshpit)

* Tokyo Police Club (okay)

* The Rascals (Miles Kane and his band - they're no Arctic Monkeys, they're no Last Shadow Puppets, but they are pretty good anyway)

* Off stage:
Hermine and Phara
Tess and a girl whose name I unfortunately forgot :(
Tim and a friend of his
Phara and Hermine Chris, who is leaving our country next month :(

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