Friday, 22 August 2008

Pukkelpop day 1

All right, I'm back from Paris and it's time to post a couple of the shitload of pictures I've been taking during the past week.


* Kaizers Orchestra: no pictures (energetic)

* Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong (very good gig, very promising band)

* small part of Amy MacDonald: no pictures (gig was meh)

* The Cribs (not as good as last year, unfortunately)

* Dirty Pretty Things (oh Carlos, I love you)

* British Sea Power (one of the better gigs of the festival, way better than I expected)

* Editors: just a picture of the big screen, I wasn't standing close enough for proper pictures :( (fifth time I saw them, fifth time I loved them to bits)

* Roisin Murphy (excellent singer and show lady)

* The Killers: my sister took the pictures (it's her fave band)and they're on her camera, so no goodies for you guys (gig wasn't bad, not as good as last year at Werchter though; maybe it was just a bit strange to pick them as the headliner)

* off stage

my sister Iris

a boy who untied my shoe laces before the Cribs started to play

me and Iris

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