Thursday, 29 October 2009

We are the last beatniks, the lost heretics

I'd been promising Filip for a while that I would come over to Leuven for a fair bit of party pleasure at some point, and well yeah, so I did last week.

We started out by drinking some beers and watching the Olympiakos - Standard game in Filip's regular student pub, which was fun, even though the game's result wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. Then it was time to practice some sports ourselves. With 'ourselves' I mean Filip and his mates, who had to defend their faculty in a 24h run between the different uni faculties. I was allowed to run myself as well, but since my shoes weren't really appropriate for such an activity, I decided to put all of my energy in cheering (and catching up with Sam, the other Filip and Jeroen from high school). Something I clearly still need to work on, because Filip's faculty did not win. ;)

We ended the night in the Seven Oaks, a pub that goes beyond your imagination (a while ago, I used a less flattering description, but Filip & co couldn't really appreciate that), and danced the night away. :)


  1. "Beyond your imagination", die moet ik onthouden :-) Leuk avondje!