Friday, 16 October 2009

For I haven't got the room in my head for these things

So what's going on lately?

- I've found a job I can practice whilst still being a student. It's a copywriting job which involves me writing commercial texts on the most divergent topics. I'm so glad I decided not to do an internship so I can do this job.

- In one of my other lives - the one as a student - I've started working on my master paper. It's about the way Russia is represented in Flemish newspapers during the eight years under Putin. I've always wanted to do research concerning Russia and/or Putin, and I might even prefer this topic over the one I picked for my bachelor paper (on the tactics and strategies McCain and Obama used in their three presidential debates).

- I've booked my Eurostar tickets to London!! I'm going there for six days mid-November. I'm staying over at a friend's place and there's heaps of things I want to do!

- I'm in one of my Editors phases. They occur about each time Editors release a new single/release a new album/play a gig I'm going to/or just for no special reason, except for the fact that I am completely in love with their music. Their new album 'In This Light And On This Evening' is simply brilliant - it's the record of the year and you should feel obliged to listen to it!!

- Remember my Finnish friend Ann-Sofi? Sadly she left Belgium a couple of months ago after working here as an au-pair for almost a year. But last week she was back in our country for a couple days and of course we had to meet up. We had some great chats and of course our dearly beloved Australian Ice Cream. :)

- It seriously freaks me out how many relatively young people are dying lately. Stephen Gately (my childhood idol), Frank Vandenbroucke, Felice, Michael Jackson, Yasmine... When does it end?

- It's suddenly getting a lot colder over here in Belgium. Days are getting shorter and the evenings and nights are really chilly. I'll probably get tired of it soon, but for now I'm quite enjoying this change in climate. I love buying new winter's clothes and I'm infected by the christmas fever already! The perfect soundtrack for this new atmosphere? The Leisure Society!


  1. Michael Jackson is not young. Not even relatively young ;-) But it's definitely getting colder in Belgium!

  2. Then you might start worrying since you're not that much younger yourself. ;)

  3. Wow, both those pepers sound very interesting!
    It was very strange to see the radical differences in their (Obama & McCain) iconography and such.

  4. Hey I'm 15 years younger than Wacko. That's not old. Whoever is 15 years younger than me is still a child!