Thursday, 8 October 2009

I won't be ok and I won't pretend I am

Before the Make Up Club party I told you about in my previous post, I had a very nice day in Ghent.

Since a couple of weeks, I'm completely addicted to this website called Travbuddy. It's a website which allows travel-loving people to exchange travel tips, write travel blogs, meet people to travel with or to meet up with during their travels. I'd been exchanging messages with a British guy called Daniel. He was about to visit Belgium for one week, so we decided to meet up.

I showed him around Ghent, although it didn't take that long before we ended up in a cosy local pub and had some Tongerlo's (I'm wondering why I never had Tongerlo beer before, it's amazing!) and a nice chat about music, travelling and the western view on Russia (yes, I actually àm capable of having serious conversation!). Later on, we met up with Olga, Daniel's girlfriend who usually lives in Latvia but who is currently doing an internship in Bruges for a couple of months. We did another little tourist tour and then headed back to the pub where we had some more great talks about travelling, languages and the reasons why Daniel should buy Olga flowers. I had a great time, Daniel and Olga both turned out to be absolutely amazing people.