Monday, 29 June 2009

I've got the thing you won't admit to

I had my last exam on Friday and although I will probably only get my results sometime between this and two weeks, I won't fail to have a good time in the meantime. I started out with the motown party Heebie Jeebies on Friday night, my first party at Make Up in ages (as in two months). I was sooo up for a party, and it was a really good nite until I became the eh, victim of a bad mix of beer, cava, martini, cocktail and sunbathing earlier that day (really, people as pale as me shouldn't do that - ever). Poor Bart and Filip ended up with a very sick version of myself, which was pretty embarrasing and not something I'm willing to repeat. Here are some pictures from before the blackout:


  1. HAHA!
    congradulations on finishing all of your finals! I just took the SAT, so I know how happy you must be to finally have them over with!!!!!

  2. Thank you! Hopefully the results will be as pleasing as the freedom! ;) Hope you did well on the SAT, and enjoy the vacations anyway! :) x