Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Can you stay up for the weekend

Later that weekend I went to Luxembourg. My sister went to a festival down there called Rock-a-Field. My parents let her order her ticket, but they thought the parents of her friend were going to drive her there. Turned out it was the older sister of the friend who was the driver, and my parents didn't like the idea a girl with so little driving experience would be giving my sister a ride back home in the middle of the night. My sister had already paid for her ticket, though, so my parents decided they would go to Luxembourg themselves to take my sister to the festival, enjoy the rest of the day in the city, pick up my sister after the festival, stay over in a hotel in Luxembourg and return the day after. I could join, if I wanted to, and so I did.


  1. Luxembourg looks great. Especially those pictures of the bridges and old buildings; it almost looks like a fantasy kingdom from a book or something.

  2. I have to agree completly with jordan!
    those bridges are SPACTACULAR!