Monday, 20 July 2009

Côte d'Azur day 1-2

Hi! I'm back from the Côte d'Azur! It was a lovely trip, the area was an absolutely breath-taking mix of charming cities on the coast and stunning mountain landscapes. I've taken about 400 pictures so I won't post them all, but I hope I can give you an idea of the way things look like over there with a smaller selection.

Day 1: we drove to Vienne, a smaller city in the southeast of France, only a couple of miles away from Lyon. We would spend one night in this place. The city is situated next to the Rhône and can show off some characteristic small streets and a few impressive old buildings. By coincidence, a local jazz festival was going on the day we were around, which bathed the city in a very relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Day 2: back on the road, we headed to Nice, where we would spend one night as well. Nice might as well be my favourite city of the entire trip. It had everything you could ever wish for in a city on the coast: gorgeous architecture, charming shops and a fancy but not too posh coast promenade. I wish I could've stayed here a little longer.

Before exploring the city ourselves, we took a ride on this little train to get a clear view of which areas were most worth visiting.

I loved the way modern and more classical architecture always seemed to fit in one picture.
The never-ending coastline.
It was impossible not to fall in love with the colourful façades.

The bird is not photoshopped. :)

The beautiful garden of the hotel we were staying in.
To be continued.

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  1. Wow, some really nice pictures there. Can't wait to see more.