Friday, 1 May 2009

See you on sunday!

No blogging tonight or tomorrow. In an hour I'm off to Ghent for a new edition of Hindu Nights at Make Up. Kristian Marr and Arquettes are doing a gig; Paul Gallagher, Peter, Michael & Vincent, Sam and many more are dj'ing. I can barely wait - it's going to be brilliant.
I'm staying over at Tessa's in Ghent and tomorrow I'm taking the train (edit: just got a message on Facebook that I can drive along with two of my Digg* collegues who live in Ghent and are going to the festival as well) directely to Hasselt where I'm going to the Polsslag festival. I'm doing reviews for Digg* but I'd go to the festival either way. The line-up is excellent. Just to name a few acts: Peter Doherty, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Red Light Company and The Rakes!
I'm very excited, especially since I've been working on my paper all week (it's almost finished now, only 500 words to go, will fix that when I get back home on Sunday) and I'm desperate for a party.
See you on Sunday! xx

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