Friday, 8 May 2009

When the suns sets on dark silhouettes

What a terrible day. Bus strikes are terrorising Flanders...again. Today I had to hand in my bachelor paper so I was really scared that I might not even make it to uni in time. Fortunately that didn't happen. It took me 3 hrs (train-wait-bus&traffic jam-35min walk) to get back home though. What is it about those selfish bus drivers that they always have to take out their frustrations on people who can't help them with their problems??
Tonight will be better, I hope. I hope. It's the third Les Nuits Botanique (10 day indoor festival in Brussels) tonight and great bands like Metric, Art Brut, Baddies... are playing. Plus, heaps of my friends are coming so that should be nice. Although one person's coming that I'd rather not see. Ah well. Can't get worse than bus strikes, I guess.

Here are the pictures from last week's Hindu Nights. It was so wonderful. This Hindu Nights edition was dedicated to Pieter, who died a month and half ago. Pieter was there as well, only in a cardboard version. He would have loved it though. There was so much love and good music around you could survive on it. Dj-sets by Paul Gallagher, Peter, Michaël & Vincent, Freaky Age, Chix Can't Mix. Gigs by Arquettes and the gorgeous gorgeous Kristian Marr.
Filip (my Indiestyle collegue) and I.

Peter's brother Adrian with Pieter the cardboard edition.
Pieter and Peter, best friends forever.
Eline and her cousin Michaël, and no idea what he is up to in this picture.


Pieter and I.

Filip and I were launching are new carreer as light technicians. We didn't know the use of any of the buttons, but I think we did rather well. :p


Filip's cava friend.

Tessa (before she got drunk) and I. It was yet to become quite a night for her.
Me and Paul Gallagher (Liam and Noel's brother). His dj-sets were ACE. (picture by Filip)
Jonas (Freaky Age) and I in quite a funny picture. (picture by Mss Loaded)
Me and Eline dancing behind the dj booth. (picture by Mss Loaded)
RIP Pieter, love u.


  1. :)

    I hope those bus strikes are settled.

  2. Hey Laura, kan jij es die twee fotos die ik nam van Official Secrets Act met hun papiertje doorsturen naar mijn email ofzo (, would be much appreciated!